The Good Sleep Audio Presentation

Audio Excerpt: Sleep Need

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Click play above to hear the audio excerpt of track five, entitled ‘Sleep Need’. 

The Good Sleep Presentation

Price: £17.00

Delivery: Digital Download

The Good Sleep Audio Presentation is a recording of over an hour long between UK Sleep Expert, Dr Neil Stanley, and interviewer, James Blacker.

It comes as a text and audio based screen presentation, and the base mp3 files can also be extracted for use in an i-Pod, or similar.

Track Titles

The track titles of Good Sleep are listed below:-

  1. Meet Neil Stanley
  2. Europe’s Finest Sleep Laboratory
  3. The World’s Largest Sleep Study
  4. Neil’s Background – Sleep Research
  5. Sleep Need
  6. Circadian Rhythm
  7. The Rhythmical Body
  8. Dangers of Deficiency
  9. Cognitive Function
  10. 24 Hour Societies
  11. Siestas & Shift Workers
  12. Larks & Owls
  13. Bed Space
  14. Allowing Sleep To Find Us
  15. Eating Before Bed
  16. Anger & Insomnia
  17. Visualise Not Verbalise
  18. Dynamic Activity
  19. Dreaming
  20. Sleep History
  21. Insisting On Our Rights
  22. Physical Factors: The Physical Environment
  23. Medical Factors
  24. Insomnia Checks & Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  25. Championing Your Own Cause
  26. Psychological & Emotional Factors
  27. HPRU Sleep Lab
  28. Don’t Judge The Report Of A Bad Night’s Sleep
  29. Breathing & Sleep Apnoea
  30. Taking Responsibility
  31. Your Snoring Waking You Up
  32. Accuracy & Decision Making
  33. Human Error Caused By A Lack Of Sleep
  34. Advising Olympic Athletes
  35. Men & Women Snoring
  36. Thank You To Dr Stanley


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  • Good Sleep Now Available
  • August 4, 2009
  • After much work and administration over the last couple of years, The Good Sleep Presentation is now available for purchase and download.